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Is Brenda Biya one of the 10 richest daughters in the world ?

Is Brenda Biya one of the 10 richest daughters in the world ?

The answer is:
Posted On Wednesday, 18 January 2017 06:44

According to the rumour, this is a Forbes ranking, from the international magazine, about the biggest fortunes and most influential men on the planet.

The message has been shared countless times on WhatsApp forums: “Brenda Biya is the 8th richest daughters in the world. Forbes ranking”. To support this allegation, the social networks argue that the daughter of the Cameroonian Head of State, Paul Biya, rents a FCfa 13 million per month house in Beverly Hills in the USA.

After investigating, realised that it is false. Actually, the only official ranking in which Brenda Biya appears is the one on the website “”. This was in November 2015. The daughter of the Cameroonian Head of State was ranked 6th out of the 8 most beautiful daughters of African presidents, just ahead of Isabel Dos Santos (Angola) and Bona Mugabe (Zimbabwe). The Cameroonian was outranked Thuthukile Zuma (South Africa), Ngina Kenyatta (Kenya), Malika Bongo Ondimba (Gabon), Ange Kagame (Rwanda) and Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini (Swaziland).

We must however point out that the delusions on the purported wealth of Brenda Biya are based on the fact that in 2016, the daughter of the Cameroonian Head of State created a controversy through a video in which she complained about racism in the USA. According to the claims made by the 19-year old teenager, she was offended by the comments of a taxi driver who did not think she could pay for a USD 450 ride. The general opinion was shocked to learn that the daughter of Paul Biya was spending the equivalent of FCfa 300,000 in taxi fares only while in Cameroon, this represents about ten time the minimum wage.

Sylvain Andzongo

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