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Cassava sticks now sold in supermakets?

Cassava sticks now sold in supermakets?

Paru le jeudi, 02 février 2017 06:09

Word of mouth has it that cassava sticks can now be bought in supermarkets. True?

Obviously, the cassava stick is catching up with the modern times. This food is not only found on the stalls of little old ladies in local market and grilled fish sellers, but also in supermarkets.


Or rather precisely in the two main commercial centres in Douala, we should say. Indeed, aficionados can find industrial versions of this this popular side dish in the aisles of Super U in the Bali neighbourhood and the Atrium Mall, close to Rond Point Deido, which may or not suit their tastes.

The industrial option of the cassava stick is called “Bobolo”; a name copied from the common name in Cameroon. The added value is in indications and specifications available on the packaging.


For new “Bobolo” buyers, the company Sodema (in Douala) mentions the calory content that consumers on diet may want to be aware of (82 kcal). The rectangular-shaped package also points out that these are “cassava bars”. However the original version of bobolo resembles a caterpillar with rounded folds, obtained by tying fermented cassava in leaves. Regular traditional Bobolo eaters will have some difficulty getting used to it. But globalisation does not wait for any referendum.


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