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Beware! Fake meningitis vaccines are being sold in Cameroon

Beware! Fake meningitis vaccines are being sold in Cameroon

Paru le mardi, 02 avril 2019 16:12

The World Health Organization (WHO) gave a "red alert" about the circulation of fake meningitis vaccines.

 Fake meningitis vaccines are currently being sold on the Cameroonian drug market and the Customs Manager, Fongod Edwin Nuvaga, has already warned about it. He issued on April 1, 2019, a message mentioning a ‘red alert’ about the fake vaccines.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also warned that false vaccines for this disease have been discovered in some West African countries. To this end, Fongod Edwin Nuvaga asks all heads of customs brigades, in collaboration with competent health services, to systematically require certificates relating to imports of suspected products.

These brigades, at each control, must request from importers of medicines and pharmaceutical products, in addition to commercial and customs documents, an import and marketing authorization issued by the Ministry of Public Health.


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