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Will the garbage disposal company Hysacam really lose its monopole?

Will the garbage disposal company Hysacam really lose its monopole?

Paru le mardi, 03 octobre 2017 15:34

Apparently, the Presidency instructed authorities to let other companies enter the waste disposal market.


Will the garbage disposal firm Hysacam lose its monopole? This question was raised lately as the press talked about the liberalization of the sector which up till now was controlled by Cameroon’s health and sanitization company, Hysacam. 

According to a mail of the General Secretary of the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, of which we got a copy, the company will really lose its monopole. 

Indeed, on January 25, 2017, the general secretary wrote to the prime minister on the matter. The letter’s subject was: “Garbage management in urban centers”. “For a better management of the sector mentioned above and, taking into account the recurring problems faced by Cameroon’s Health and Sanitization Company, Hysacam, I hereby inform you that Mr. President prescribed the liberalization of refuse collection and disposal in urban centers,” the letter reads. 

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh urged his peer to make the appropriate administrative arrangements for an appeal procedure in the waste management sector. He also asked his peer to allow the companies interested in the appeal procedure to submit their proposals by town, urban area or by district. 

Founded in 1969, Hysacam was a subsidiary of the French Group GranJouan until the group sold its shares (80%) to the team led by Michel Ngapanoun, a Cameroonian, in 1994. The group sold its shares after a restructuring plan led by Michel Ngapanoun’s team and a dozen of engineers, managers and specialists after encountering some financial hardships in 1990. Up till now, Michel Ngapanoun remains the head of the company. 

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