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An accident left 35 dead in Edéa on Sunday

An accident left 35 dead in Edéa on Sunday

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Paru le jeudi, 03 novembre 2016 08:38

The rumour on social media yesterday was that a crash between a coach operates by the travel agency Musango and an articulated lorry left 35 dead.

Some journalists rushed to relay this information which actually was not true. Indeed, said traffic accident did not lead to any death on site.

Here are the facts: The Musango coach, departing from Buea in the South-West to Yaoundé, broke down in the town of Sikoum (between Edéa and Douala). Hours later, passengers were transferred to another bus. The bus which had broken down was sent back to Buea by a mechanic tasked with repairing it, with the driver who was at the wheel before the failure.

Along the way, the two collide head on with a lorry trying to overtake a parked logging truck. “The collision with the lorry was unavoidable. Result: one seriously injured; the coach driver”, informed Manfred Missimikim, President of the association Securoute.

The lorry driver passed away at the hospital. The mechanic and the Musango bus driver are still in hospital as they were seriously injured.

The coach in the accident “was not carrying any passenger”, highlights a communiqué from the travel agency Musango, on its Facebook page.

In the end, one dead and two seriously injured, which is already too much, and not 35 dead as some scoop hunters implied.   


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