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Yes, Cameroonian brewers are hiring services providers

Yes, Cameroonian brewers are hiring services providers

Paru le lundi, 04 mars 2019 18:53

Rumors suggest Sabc is recruiting Service Providers. True?

Internet users are reluctant about a post suggesting the Brewer Sabc has launched a tender to recruit service providers. They say it might be a scam as it is sometimes the case.

But this time, it not a fake news. Sabc, the local unit of Castel group indeed launched on Feb 15 a call to tender to hire service providers. The announcement was published Feb 18 on the company’s website, in the “News” section.

It relates to the supply of 2019 kits for DJ and fire-girl entertainment, as well as the deployment of “Brand Ambassadors” and for market promotion in outsourced sales outlets (Pdv). This operation is part of Sabc's “Ambassador Program” which consists in developing a permanent support program for outlets.


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