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Yes scammers send fake Mobile Money notifications via SMS

Yes scammers send fake Mobile Money notifications via SMS

Paru le mardi, 04 décembre 2018 17:29

Be careful, scammers send fake MoMo notifications via SMS

“Mobile Money: you have received CFA56,500 from Achiri Walters Probe (237 677 62 09 53) on 2018-11-23. 10 : 13 :31. Transaction Id: 445749491. Reference: 00000. New balance:...FCFA”. This message does look like ordinary mobile money transfer notification, but it isn’t. Actually it’s a scam.

It is sent on purpose by a scammer. Just after the message is sent, he or she calls the recipient saying he/she just transferred money by mistake, and the recipient should send the sum back. No vigilant victims could fall into the trap.

Populations were previously victims of another scam in which perpetrators sent SMS announcing the recipient won a contest and should provide their Mobile Money secret code. At that time also, many victims fell into the trap.


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