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Popular belief has it that you should not sweep the house at night

Popular belief has it that you should not sweep the house at night

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It is said that throwing household waste at night is equivalent to turning your back to wealth. Is there any truth to this?

If you happen to find yourself in an extremely dirty house at night, do not ponder it much. This means that in that house, people strongly believe that sweeping at night takes away any hope of getting rich. Oh yes, just for this occasion, household waste turn into a sign of wealth. So no messing about with it! If you are suddenly overcome with a cleaning compulsion, a guardian of the tradition will be quick to remind you. “Leave it, you will sweep tomorrow morning”, the patriarch will say in your local language: Duala, Dschang, Bassa’a, Ewondo, etc. And too bad if you think that this hypothetical money will be dirty.

With modernity, this superstition obviously subsided a bit. But some pipe dreams resist. People certainly sweep, but some make sure to stash the waste in a corner of the house; as if to split the difference. You therefore stay clean without throwing the “wealth” in the bin.


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