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There are apparently hundreds of revival churches in Cameroon

There are apparently hundreds of revival churches in Cameroon

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It is said that these prayer temples are as ubiquitous as bars. True?

If you live close to one of the “Lord’s Redeemed” churches, you are to be pitied. We can imagine the noise during nights of worship and driving out demons. One day, you think you are done with this prayer temple when another one appears just next to it; and it carries the title “real faithful people in Christ”. And this is how revival churches keep growing in numbers; to the point where they are counted in the hundreds.

The reality is that only 89 religious denominations are legal in Cameroon. An exhaustive list is available through the website of the Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation. (

And to figure in the official list, any newly enlightened will have to follow some rules. Among these directives, they must address a stamped request to Minatd and prepare a full application.

At the end of the investigation carried out by civil servants from the relevant Préfecture and approval from Minatd, the approval to exist is granted through a decree from the President of the Republic.

But obviously, very few confidants of the Lord break these measures. The goal is to revive even more souls to prevent others from sleeping...

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