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Buea University closed due to violence

Buea University closed due to violence

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Paru le lundi, 05 décembre 2016 08:58

Baton blows, interrogations, custodies, the Buea University has apparently closed…

The town of Buea is in the grip of violence. Following academic demands, students from the University of Buea were victims of police crackdowns. Immediately afterwards, there were baton blows by the load, interrogations here and remands into custody there. And since Tuesday 27 November, the Buea University campus has been closed. Lectures have been suspended while waiting for things to settle down.

Originally, Buea university students took advantage of the recent dissatisfaction of Anglophone lecturers (from pre-school to tertiary education) to express their grievances to the campus administration.

They are asking for the cancellation of the penalty of FCfa 10,000 imposed on students who pay their registration fees after the deadline. They are also requesting for the list of excellence scholarships beneficiaries, granted by the President of the Republic to deserving students, to be better studied.


Demands which were granted this past Tuesday at the height of the altercation between the police militia and rebellious students. Tensions remain high; particularly in Anglophones regions of the country (South-West and North-West).


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