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It rains every day in Debunscha in Cameroon…

It rains every day in Debunscha in Cameroon…

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It is even said that it is the second most rainy location in the world…

The town of Debunscha in South-West Cameroon, is known as one of the most rainy spots in the world (its second place in the ranking remains questionable) after Cherrapunji in India. Its pluviometry reaches on average 9 metres (9,000 mm) per annum. Geography lecturers are therefore rather quick to tell their students that the rain falls there every day. It does indeed rain throughout the month. However, with global warming, the pluviometry in this area of Cameroon dropped substantially. The inhabitants of this town thus regret periods of utter wet; which promote good fishing and intense agriculture.

The National Institute of Statistics (INS) points out that in 2007, Debunschahad a pluviometry of 7,000 mm; which drastically decreased in 2005 with 5,000 mm in annual pluviometry. The Office of Agricultural Investigations and Statistics at the Ministry of Agriculture also notes a pluviometry of 7,179 mm in 2006 and 5,295 mm in 2007. However in 1919, Debunscha had about 14,684 mm in pluviometry.

The bright side of this sudden drop is that pupils now go to class without being wet…


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