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Does Cameroon’s breweries use fruits in soft drinks production?

Does Cameroon’s breweries use fruits in soft drinks production?

Paru le vendredi, 06 octobre 2017 05:30

Nobody has ever seen a truck laden with fruit inside breweries.

How does Cameroon breweries produce soft drinks? Do they use fruits in the production process? This remain a total mystery for the average citizen who sometimes lose himself in conjectures. Indeed, most of them have never seen fruit (grapefruits, oranges, pineapple, grenadine…) producers deliver fruits to breweries in Cameroon.

A brewery based in Yaoundé’s authorized source agreed to give us an insight of soft drinks’ ingredients. “Actually, we use fruit extracts, not the fruits”, our source revealed. He then added that they use carbon dioxide, lot of sugar and plant extracts, phosphoric acids (as preservative) and edible colors as some soft drinks’ ingredients.

So, there is no fruit in many soft drinks in Cameroon. Those drinks have many flavors: peach, lemon, grenadine, orange, grapefruits, pineapple and so on.


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