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Some customs forbid men from eating food while still on fire

Some customs forbid men from eating food while still on fire

Paru le vendredi, 06 octobre 2017 21:56

It seems that some traditions don’t really tolerate men in the kitchen. True?

According to some customs in Cameroon, a man must never eat food while it is still on fire. “He could become a glutton or worse, a fool” Mamie Cathy, a bassa’a ethnic woman explained. But wait, is that all?

Can girls eat food that are still on fire then? “Sure they can, because they are the ones cooking the food” the old lady replied.

Asked if the custom could in fact be a way to prevent men from coming into the kitchen, the woman responded: “Well, yes…we can also say that”

What about all those thousands chefs in hotels and consorts, shouldn’t they taste their sauce by fear of becoming suddenly, magically, gluttons?” we asked Mama Cathy. “They are free to do whatever they like. Customs remains customs; tough luck for those infringe them”, she responded visibly annoyed.

So, let’s stick to that. A man must never eat food on fire, and must wait be served. At least, this is what mama Cathy claims…


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