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Petit-Pays is crazy!

Petit-Pays is crazy!

The answer is:
Paru le samedi, 08 octobre 2016 19:52

Petit-Pays no longer knows what to do to draw attention. The latest: last February in the Trianon hall in Paris, perhaps the singer surprised those who had not yet seen him almost coming back from the kingdom of the dead. This time, the fabric was white, as if to claim "musical purity in a 30-year career?" One would say he is lacking inspiration for his entrance on stage.

In 2011, he arrived with a blond wig on head and stilettos on feet during a concert at the Douala Musical Fair (FOMARIC). We had not yet seen everything, because his preferred entrance, has been to arrive in a coffin. And seeing that the colour of the wood often changes, one would ask oneself if he made them already himself or if he is just testing them in his Douala neighbourhood of Makèpè.


What he has not repeated again, is to appear nude on an album sleeve like that of 1996 (Class M, his best-selling opus with hit songs such as "Fais-moi câlin"). As long he does not come back without arms covering his anatomy. It is certainly true that he no longer really surprises anymore; however one continues to ask the questions: is he crazy or has he just got a pronounced taste for extravagance?


He was asked this question ten years ago and he replied in a song: "a madman who flies with Heads of State, unheard of!" Suffice to say madmen do not take off. Let us move on. How to explain all these stage names (or plain insults?) that he gives himself almost every year? We have the eternal Petit-Pays who morphed into Turbo of Africa, followed by Rabba, then Rabba Rabbi, then the Nephew of Jesus, Effata and other names that music lovers have perhaps forgotten over his 34 albums. In a 30-year career the "king" of Makossa love does not give up. To the sound of vigorous drums, he remains present on the musical scene. Too bad for those who say that "Petit-Pays is finished like a funeral". Moreover, to all those gossipers, "the nephew of Jesus" always has well-honed replies, even promising them hell, death...


"Every individual who opposes me in Cameroon must expect a painful end [...] One does not attack the one chosen by God", he insists during an interview given to a local paper Ouest Littoral. The Ex of "Maria" (the name of one of his hits) responded thus to the singer Longuè Longuè who had not been kind about the great friend of TB Joshua (famous Nigerian evangelist). How could he disrespect the "Nephew of Jesus", he, "the man who promises, who reassures, who trained young ones- without visas- who gave them the passion for music and much more...". That is said. And if you still believe that a madman can achieve all these feats, you are the crazy one!

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