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Is it true that a Bamiléké trader had been beaten and killed at Kumba?

Is it true that a Bamiléké trader had been beaten and killed at Kumba?

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Unlike what is being said on social media, the woman is not a Cameroonian; she is a Burkinabe. The scene did not even take place in Cameroon, rather in Burkina Faso.

Yesterday in the afternoon, some posts recounted with a video that, a trader from the West (of Cameroon) went to buy provisions at Kumba and was beaten to death because she was from the French-speaking region. According to the posts, her name is SIEWE Antoinette and her mistake was mentioning to the trader, she was buying from, that goods were costlier in Kumba than in Douala.

The posts are all wrong. The scene depicted in the video backing the posts happened in Burkina Faso on May 23, 2017. That day, Adja Divine, a Burkinabe musician whose real name is Adjaratou Diessongo was the victim of mob justice. Indeed, the mob was convinced that she had stolen children.

What,according to the musician, is not the case. She declared that having given birth through cesarean, this was the first time she was out in the 6 months following her delivery, to buy milk for her baby.  For this purpose, she took her car, whose insurance had expired because her husband was away. While going, she noticed policemen at a checkpoint and avoided them for the first time. She reached the supermarket and bought the milk. In the meantime, she received a phone call informing her that her baby hadn’t stopped crying. So she got in the car to return but this time, while trying to avoid the policemen, she was noticed.

She did not stop though, the policemen then pursued her along with a mob throwing stones at the car. When she noticed it, she stopped and the policemen gave her some instructions that she respected. One of the policemen then got into the car to escort her to the police station. Unfortunately, it was late; the mob who pursued her had increased.

Seeing this, the policeman in the car advised her to flee. She was however blocked at a junction by cars and unable to go further, she was forcefully taken from the car, beaten and undressed. She was thankfully saved by the arrival of policemen because the population was ready to kill her and burn her car.

Here is a report at the scene:

Here is the victim’s testimony:

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