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Yes, this SCB Cameroun job ad is real

Yes, this SCB Cameroun job ad is real

Paru le jeudi, 09 mai 2019 16:31

Is Société commerciale de banque currently looking for collaborators ?

On Wednesday 7 May 2019, a job ad with Société commerciale de banque Cameroun (Scb Cameroun) header appeared on social media.  

For some people, it is a fake job ad but this is not the case because it is authentic. "We have effectively published a recruitment offer that is visible on our official LinkedIn and Facebook pages," sources at the SCB Douala headquarters indicate.  

The reason some internet users thought that it is a fake job ad is that the positions to be filled are not mentioned. A fact that is really suspicious according to a user who questioned Stopblablacam on the subject. The SCB indicates that it is a deliberate act from human resources.

 “Another unofficial ad has been published and we have noticed it. This is the reason we published the real information with true dates and the good address to send the candidacies,” our sources add.

Interested people meeting the set-out requirement are invited to submit their offers by May 22, 2019, at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..


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