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The Littoral is the most populated region in Cameroon

The Littoral is the most populated region in Cameroon

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With Douala as the regional capital, the Littoral region is probably the most densely populated, right?

The population of Douala, the regional capital of the Littoral region, is exponentially increasing, just as the number of moto riders on its streets. Its crossroads are forever jammed with a mixed crowed jumping on and off. A ploy of dense population which often lead to think that the Littoral region is the most populated in Cameroon. However, it is the Central region (68,953 km2 and where Yaoundé, the capital is located) which is the most densely populated in Cameroon, according to the figures of the latest general census (RGPH) published in 2010.

We note that until 2010, the Central region had 3,525,664 inhabitants against 3,482,414 in the Extreme-North region and 2,865,795 in the Littoral.

The Central region was thus hosting 18.2% of the then-global population, evaluated at 19,406,100 inhabitants. With the population growth and high rate of urbanisation which the National Institute of Statistics was already announcing in that 2010 report, we can imagine that these figures have increased.

The least populated region is the South with 692,142 inhabitants in 2010. The 4th census announced a while ago is still expected.

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