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Stanley Enow got Pope Francis singing

Stanley Enow got Pope Francis singing

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Paru le mardi, 10 janvier 2017 14:37

To be part of the trend, Stanley Enow, author of the popular “Hein père”, posted on Facebook a picture he took with the Pope. True?

To come across as good two shoes, many celebrities do not spare the resources to meet with the Pope. But in truth, on the picture, it was a wax statue of the Holy Father the singer obviously used to sanctify his image.

Due to the buzz generated by this photograph, Stanley Enow put an end to the confusion by confessing that it was only a copy of Pope Francis.

Even a year after this papal debate, the picture still divides those who have not yet had time to read previous comments. Which works in the favour of the “Soldier like my papa” singer (first album, released in July 2015).


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