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Is there a Home Office tracking social networks?

Is there a Home Office tracking social networks?

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A message currently shared advises that all telephones are connected to a government device. Is there any truth to this?

A message shared on social networks announces a new regulation from the Home Office. It advises that all communication platform are under surveillance. Firstly, there is no Home Office in Cameroon. Philémon Yang’s government rather has a Ministry of External Relations and a Ministry of Local Administration.
And a source working for one the two administrations indicates that there is no measure taken to “connect all device to the system of a ministry” as suggested by the message currently shared.
Which brings about a wave of paranoia. Especially as said message asks to avoid “talking about everything with your close relations on the telephone. All social networks are being monitored”.

We learned from a reliable source that the intelligence job is rather taken up by the National Security Agency (Direction générale de la Sécurité nationale - DGRE) and is rather selective. “We cannot monitor every Cameroonian”, says our source. Moreover, to counter terrorist attacks, there is indeed a law regarding communication content.


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