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Bassa’a go around with their stamps

Bassa’a go around with their stamps

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It is said that Bassa’a enjoy looking for trouble so much that they always have a stamp in their pocket to send a complaint…

It is well known in Cameroon that members of the Bassa’a tribe like problems “in excess”. As a result, we can deduce that the “magnan” (brother in the Bassa’a language) walk around with stamps in their pockets to immediately send their complaints and denounce the least comment or action which they deem disrespectful against them.

And as Um Nyobe, main leader of the nationalist movement in Cameroon, was originally from this ethnic group, this does not help things.

In consequence, the Bassa’a only moves about with his stamp in the pocket, he also apparently always carries an A4 sized sheet of paper to enable him write up his complaint, just in case.

To even go further, it is said that once written, the letter can find itself in a suggestion box, if it cannot reach the police station. And it is better not to get on the bad side of a Bassa’a; for fear of ending up in court or worse, in prison.

A question remains however, as stamps are now postmarked by the corresponding services, what do the Bassa’a walk around with? Hopefully the A4 sheet has survived…

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