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Mini-skirts are banned at Soa University

Mini-skirts are banned at Soa University

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At Soa University, dresses and skirts must be longer than knee length and low-hanging trousers are banned. True or false?

The rector of Soa University (Yaoundé II), Ibrahima Adamou, wants to promote “ethical behaviours” within his school. Girls and boys on this campus are invited to reassess their wardrobe to comply with the new rule. From now on, “dresses and mini-skirts must absolutely be below the knee. No revealing clothes through which underwear and under-garments can be seen”, warns the rector in a communiqué signed on 13 September. Said communiqué gives in detail, the rules in terms of dressing code on the campus of Yaoundé II.

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For boys, “low-riding” trousers are not allowed. And even less the distressed jeans which the “boys” like so much. Moreover, we can read, wearing a cap is strictly forbidden on campus. Actually, the rector has thought about everything for his 45,000 learners or so to be properly dressed. He even indicates the makeup style to be used by girls. In case they were think about overly doing, the rector proscribed “opulent, crude or vulgar and obvious makeup”. As a good family man, the rector also thought about the feet and hairstyle of his students. This could very well put an end to the “Lady Gaga” fashion.


The rector’s memo clearly concerns the campuses of the 5 schools of the Yaoundé II University which are: the School of Judicial and Political Studies (FSJP in French), the School of Economic and Management Sciences, the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC), the Training and Population Research Institute (IFORD), the Graduate School of Science and Information and Communication Techniques (ESSTIC).

In 2015, it was the rector of the Yaoundé I University (Ngoa Ekellé) who took the same decision by introducing guards to the campus entrance to ensure its implementation. But obviously, the hunt for indecent exposure is hard. The cops have not said their last word.


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