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Bread is now part of the dowry

Bread is now part of the dowry

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It is said that in the village of Logpom, in Douala, the suitor who wants to marry his chosen one, must first pass by the bakery, among other things…

200 loaves of bread at FCfa 150 per baguette and everything in a stainless steel basin; this is one of the many requirements with which a young man must comply before dreaming of getting married. He has thus just received the dowry list established by the women in his future family in-law Bebedi ba Tumba in the Logpom village (Douala).

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On this same list, in addition to bread, the fiancé must buy 4 cartons of 100 boxes of the Président butter brand. In other words, if he even dares to choose another brand, he’d better watch out! And that is not all. In the package, the suitor must plan for a suitcase for the future mother-in-law, bags of rice, crates of tomatoes, a bag of chili, packs of seasoning cubes. All things necessary to make delicious stews. In accompaniment, there are crates of beer, packs of juice, cloths, etc.

Indeed, it is a tradition for the fiancé to visit the village of his betrothed. He must thus obtain the blessing of his future in-laws before going to the town hall. And before securing this approval, the fiancé is served with a long list of foodstuffs, utensils and devices to purchase for the cousins, uncles, grand-parents, aunts and other members from the family of his loved one. And it is important to know that the modern day dowry is no more like the one of bygone times. Today, one should not be surprised to find a plasma screen and android telephones on this famous dowry list.

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And wait for it, in some tribes, there is a list from the women, another one from the men; a list for the family of the future mother-in-law and finally one for the family of the future father-in-law.


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