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Three young Cameroonians sentenced for Boko Haram joke

Three young Cameroonians sentenced for Boko Haram joke

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It us said that three young Cameroonians were sentenced to 10 years in prison for daring to joke on the State’s number one enemy: Boko Haran.

Indeed, Fumosoh Ivo, Azah Levis and Afuh Nivelle, 21 years old, were sentenced this past Wednesday 2 November for “Non-denunciation of terrorist acts”, reported. The latter relays with precision the minutes of the trial which took place on Wednesday at the military court of Yaoundé. At the source of the accusation, the three young people shared a telephone message which went as follows: “Boko Haram is recruiting young people of 14 years and older. Conditions to be recruited: having passed 4 subjects and religious studies in the Baccalauréat.”

A joke which Fumosoh Ivo received from “an army friend” and which he immediately sent to a high school student whose telephone has been confiscated in class by his teacher. It was the latter who read said message and immediately showed it to the police. The three young people were arrested on 13 December 2014 in Limbe, a town located in the South-Western region. In January 2015, they were transferred to the central prison of Yaoundé (Kondengui) and had their trial postponed several times. And on 7 September, they initially appear in court for “complicity in insurgency and non-denunciation”. They were then facing 20 years in prison under the new antiterrorist law promulgated on 23 December 2014 and which sanctions “terrorist acts”. Reasons which led to a media appearance by Amnesty International. “The lack of independence and impartiality inherent to military courts also elicits strong concerns on the respect of the right to a fair trial”, Balkissa de Siddo, Amnesty International Director for Western and Central Africa, expressed her concerns on

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