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Yes, it is possible to request an invitation for CHAN 2020’s mascot and anthem unveiling ceremony online

Yes, it is possible to request an invitation for CHAN 2020’s mascot and anthem unveiling ceremony online

Paru le mercredi, 11 décembre 2019 16:54

All you have to do is register online to participate in the evening of unveiling the mascot and anthem of the African Nations Championship that Cameroon is organizing in 2020

In Cameroon, a message, shared via WhatsApp, invites the public to click on a link to “get a digital invitation ticket” for the official CHAN 2020’s mascot and anthem unveiling ceremony scheduled for December 14. “By registering, people will receive their ticket, with a QR code in the center, via WhatsApp and email,” the author of the said message indicates. It happens to be true.

The Chan Organizing Committee (Cocan) provided this link to send a digital invitation. This link is available to anyone who would like to attend the unveiling ceremony of the official mascot and anthem of the tournament. Just click on the link and you will receive a digital invitation or code that you will show at the entrance. That's all,” says an anonymous member of the Cocan, who points out that the ceremony will take place at the Palais polyvalent des sports in Yaoundé (Paposy).

National event

By clicking on the above link, the user is redirected to the Cocan website. Here, they are invited to book their ticket by entering their name, telephone number, e-mail and city of residence in the boxes provided. Once this is done, all the requester has to do is validate the reservation and wait for the invitation. Some 5000 places are available. Cocan explained that the objective is to allow each Cameroonian to attend this ceremony, as Chan is a "national event."

As a reminder, Chan 2020 was re-allocated to Cameroon after being withdrawn from Ethiopia due to delays in their construction works. This competition, reserved for football players playing in local leagues, will be held from 4 to 25 April 2020 in Douala (Bépanda and Japoma), Yaoundé (Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium) and Buea-Limbe, in the South-West region. The draw for the competition will take place in January 2020.

Patricia Ngo Ngouem

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