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Is it true that Sawa pastors have decided to leave the Evangelical Church of Cameroon?

Is it true that Sawa pastors have decided to leave the Evangelical Church of Cameroon?

Paru le vendredi, 12 mai 2017 05:38

It is said that the traditional Chiefs of this ethnic group reject the new president of this Protestant church. True?

The election of last Saturday 22 April has in effect stoked up old quarrels between pastors of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon (Eglise Évangélique du Cameroun - EEC). On that day, indeed, the Reverend Samuel Hendje was elected as general president of EEC at the end of the general Synod of Ngaoundéré. He won 205 votes out of 374; against 168/374 for his challenger, Pastor Priso Moungolè, Vice-President of the outgoing bureau.

The verdict of the polls was then contested by the Ngondo, the traditional Sawa assembly; which clearly would have preferred that the losing candidate, Reverend Priso, lead the EEC.

In a communiqué signed on 28 April and read out in certain churches of this religious denomination, the Ngondo announced from that day going, "the schism of the SAWA people of EEC". This consortium of Sawa traditional chiefs moreover invited all the faithful of all ethnic origin, to join them in "jealously defending the values advocated by the founders of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon".


One learns that it is the wish of the outgoing president, Pastor Isaac Batomen, to cling to power, that is the root cause of this split. Indeed, he has been "general president" of EEC since 2007. It was in 2007 that he was designated to complete the term of his deceased predecessor; the Reverend Mfochive; with the promise of handing over after two years.

Today, voices are raised to say that the president elect of 22 April is just a close relative of Reverend Batomen. The dissenters are thus brandishing ideals of rupture and respect for sociological components.


The truth is that, it is question of a war that whiffs of clan and ethnicity. The president of EEC has a mandate of 7 years to lead the 22 Synod regions.

The fervent faithful are praying for the return of peace among the men of God...

Monique Ngo Mayag

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