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No, this picture was not taken in Cameroon

No, this picture was not taken in Cameroon

Paru le mercredi, 12 juin 2019 16:01

This viral image has been shared on many social media groups in Cameroon. Posters claim that it was taken in Cameroon. Is that true?

On Facebook, a picture of a damaged tyre (patched with used rubber slippers) is being shared on Cameroonian social media groups. On the picture, this French sentence can be read "ON NE COMPRENDS PAS LE CAMEROUN. IL SE COMPRENDS SEUL." This translates to "You can’t understand Cameroon. It is the only one that understands itself." The posters would like to make believe that the picture was taken in Cameroon but, this is not the case.  

A reverse-search shows that this image was published by a user named Gregj50 on. 8 mars 2018. It went viral and appeared in Cameroonian groups on Facebook in July 2018. Around the same period, it was posted in an activist group in Senegal.

Even though it is hard to find the real origin of that image, reverse search results indicate that it has been used in many countries.

For instance, in March 2019, it was posted on, a Kenyan website for paid memes. A month later, it went viral in Nigeria thanks to Emmanuel Ado, who used it as his page’s profile picture calling for the Federal Road Safety Corps’ attention.

Here, it is used by ACEVIVE , a Brazilian association of car inspection companies, on one of its posters published on Instagram  20 days ago. This poster was designed to remind Brazilians of the importance of technical visit. Here finally, it is published on a Persian Instagram page on May 4, 2019, with the caption "you must be the pilot to understand this image…”


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