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Yes, it’s indeed illegal to deliver health certificate in exchange of money

Yes, it’s indeed illegal to deliver health certificate in exchange of money

Paru le vendredi, 12 octobre 2018 19:02

It’s said that it’s illegal to collect money to provide health certificate.

It’s quite common in Cameroon’s public hospitals to see a doctor receive money to deliver a health certificate. And the phenomenon is called “signature fees”.

The person who goes to a health facility thus obtains the required document without consultation. People may think this practice is legal. However, the minister of public health (Minsante), André Mama Fouda, recalled it in a memo last August 28.

“I receive feedback that doctors demand money to sign medical and forensic certificates. I remind all doctors in public health facilities that the signature of the medical certificate is subsequent to a medical and surgical consultation, the only fees payable correspond to those for the consultation, payable to the hospital cash register,” the minister indicated.

He also specified that the printed version of the certificate is paid for at the financial revenue management office and amounts to CFA900 for the medical certificate and CFA1800 for the forensic certificate. The signatory doctor's share is calculated based on that. So the doctor does not have to collect money from patients.


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