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No, a tenant can not become house owner after ten years lease !

No, a tenant can not become house owner after ten years lease !

Paru le jeudi, 13 septembre 2018 17:38

According to a widespread rumor, the tenant automatically becomes the owner of a house where they spent ten years. True?

It is rather naive but there are people who really think that when they spend 10 years in a rented house, it could become their own. “Who could believe this ? ”, some will think but, there are citizens who do believe this claim.

It is common to hear during a dispute a tenant say this : "I have spent ten years here. This house belongs to me by right”, to the house owner.

But no, a tenant should not dream of taking another person’s property. It is called stealing. The tenant can only enjoy a clean place they rented and overall, pay their house rent.

According to a recent law, a house owner can bring a tenant who is not paying rents to justice. However, the house owner has to strive to allow the house tenant a peaceful stay.

There is no provision in the law stating that a valuable real estate property should be given to a tenant just because they have spent a long period of time there.


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