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Yemi Alade paid 85 million for Cameroon concert

Yemi Alade paid 85 million for Cameroon concert

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Paru le lundi, 14 novembre 2016 12:06

The famous Nigerian singer was the subject of a rumour which stated that the contract for her performance in Cameroon was of FCfa 85 million.

Yemi Alade is in Cameroon for a giant live concert this Saturday 12 November at the Palais des Sports of Yaoundé. In reality, the amount disbursed for the artist and her team to agree to step in the most important venue in Yaoundé is much higher.

The 12 November show organisers confide that they paid out FCfa 800 million to invite the author of “Johny” to Cameroon. They had to bring out the chequebook, to say the least.

The “Calabash Music Group” managers see this investment as an “end of year” present for the fans of the songstress, who was also crowned Best Female Artist of the year at the Mtv Music Awards.

At this price, the young soloist will perform many top songs; such as her well known “Ferrari”, “Kissing”, “Baba I thank you” among other hits. This Friday 11 November, she will surely promise it in front of journalists. She is indeed giving a press conference this Friday. The 27-year old artist already gave a shoutout to Cameroon in “Saka Makossa”, a production featuring Wax Dey, a Cameroonian artist.


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