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A Cameroonian flag was torched in Bamenda

A Cameroonian flag was torched in Bamenda

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Paru le jeudi, 15 décembre 2016 06:07

Rumour has it on social networks that the Cameroonian flag (green-red-yellow) was burned in Bamenda where demands for the return to federalism persist.

The images on western channels have not yet convinced the most sceptical. However, the national flag was truly torched in the administrative capital of the North-West region this past Thursday. The even exactly took place in the town’s regional hospital.

A journalist, present during this ultimate act of rejection, tells us that a group of young English-speaking people invaded the regional hospital on 8 December, after raising the blue and white flag of the secession movement (Southern Cameroon National Council) on Commercial Avenue. “There were policemen just close to the hospital, but obviously overwhelmed by the turn of events, our colleague said. I almost got lynched when they overhead me speaking French”, he recalls.

Since 08 December indeed, a vast movement of demands took over the town of Bamenda and is gradually spreading to other English-speaking cities in the country (Kumba, Buea). Waving about hostile messages to the government of Yaoundé, demonstrators are demanding that Cameroon be split into two, as before the 1 October 1961 Reunification.

As a reminder, the “Anglophones” make up 20% of the Cameroonian population and often feel “marginalised” in the political and socio-economic system of the country.


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