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Richard Bona wrote to Paul Biya

Richard Bona wrote to Paul Biya

The answer is:
Paru le lundi, 16 janvier 2017 12:19

The singer offered some pieces of advice to the President of the Republic to overcome the Anglophone problem. True?

A somewhat hostile message to the President of the Republic is currently being shared on social networks. Its content calls for a dialogue for a favourable solution to the crisis faced by the Anglophone regions of Cameroon at the moment.

The author of this brief letter is supposedly the famous bassist Richard Bona. A quick check of his Facebook page confirms it. In a post published on 9 January, the artist deplores the current management strategy of this power struggle between the government and the English-speaking opinion leaders (teachers and lawyers in this case).

With no real strategist at your side, I fear that you will make the wrong choice… by going for the BIR (rapid response battalion, Ed.)”, Richard Bona mentions in his post addressed to “Mr. Biya”.

The committed singer advises the Head of State to visit the English-speaking area himself. “So go there yourself (go embrace Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, etc.). And fix it…”. As a reminder, the demonstrators demand better consideration for the Anglophones in the social and political life of the country with the most radical advocating for a return to federalism.

The remainder of Richard Bona’s message is sprinkled with his usual ironic style and French mixed with English. Not sure that the Portuguese-American citizen will get a response…through Facebook.


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