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There are more women than men in Cameroon

There are more women than men in Cameroon

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It is whispered and even claimed on some television sets that women are higher in number than men in Cameroon.

This is not exactly correct. In the beginning, in particular from infancy to adolescence, the trend is inverted. There are more male children than female children. The 2010 National statistics indeed reveal that out of a global population of 19,406,100 inhabitants, for the 0 to 14 years age group, there are more boys than girls. In 2010, the number of boys aged 0 to 4 years for example was 1,662,298 against 1,624,936 girls. In the 10-14 years age group, we can note that there were 1,227,470 boys against 1,167,201 girls.

“This situation can be explained by the fact that there are more baby boys born than girls”, the recent rapport of the General Population and Housing Census (RGPH) highlights. It is noted that “this trend is inverted after 15 years due to the excessively high mortality rate for males. After 60 years, we see a gradual reduction in the number of men. A situation which is accentuated with age”.

On this subject, in the 95 years and above age group, we note that there are 6,798 men for 9,814 women. By the time we get to the end of the race, the weaker ones have already thrown in the towel. So, exactly which is the weaker sex again?



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