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Yes, students fleeing violence are enrolled in schools for free

Yes, students fleeing violence are enrolled in schools for free

Paru le mardi, 17 septembre 2019 12:58

The government is worried about displaced students

With the socio-political crisis that has been hitting the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon for about three years now, people are wondering how displaced students are schooled.  

On that question, Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education (Minesec), said “parents and teachers are informed that Minesec's instruction on the admission of all displaced students must be scrupulously respected in all requested schools. The issues of the number of students and the fact that they are enrolled for free should not be the subject of public debate.”

According to the minister, quality control and insurance issues for these students will be handled by the competent authorities of the schools and the ministry. In addition, school lists and level tests will be used to ensure fairness and transparency in the recruitment of these students.


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