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Yes, people are selling conterfeit Guinness beers in Yaoundé

Yes, people are selling conterfeit Guinness beers in Yaoundé

Paru le mardi, 18 juin 2019 15:16

Be careful what you drink!

A rumor suggesting that there are fraudulent Guinness bottles on the Cameroonian market was confirmed June 16 in Yaoundé.

After an Internet user reported trucks unloading Guinness bottles packed in boxes at around 4 a.m , a team from the National Forest Law Enforcement Brigade of the Ministry of Commerce got on ground to check the information and wait until the right time to call in the gendarmerie and the police.

Intervention found that about 335 boxes containing these products were imported under dubious conditions. The Brigade called on a Guinness company executive who was able to identify that the bottles do not have the characteristics of Guinness produced in Cameroon, including the color of the capsules and the inscriptions on the back of the bottle. “The right bottle has a red cap and the inscription +21 while the fake one has a yellow cap and the inscription +18,” the executive explained.

Pending declarations from the promoter of these imports, the products were seized by the Ministry of Commerce.


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