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Longuè Longuè will marry a star

Longuè Longuè will marry a star

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After serving a prison sentence for raping a minor, Longuè Longuè does not lose hope of finding his soulmate. And it seems he found her…

Indeed, the “liberated” singer made an unexpected announcement in April earlier this year, during the television programme entitled “Jambo” on the television channel Canal 2 international. An announcement which is still fuelling discussions on social media. As the programme host interviewed him, the artist confided on air that he is engaged to one of his backup dancers. This is the young lady in yellow on the photo.

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Immediately afterwards, we learned that the singer is planning to marry his “star”. Some thought about a prima ballerina. But no! This is the nickname he is given to his sweetheart, his star just like others have their “sweets” and “babe”. The lady in question can even be seen in the video for the song “Koumatekel…assia”. A rather bawdy song, written to the memory of Monique Koumatekel, who passed away due to negligence on 12 March while carrying twins, at the entrance of the Laquintinie hospital in Douala.

Longuè Longuè’s fiancée was with him the day he made his declaration on the set of “Jambo”. An opportunity for the viewers to see that she is visibly much younger than the “Liberator”. Some sharp tongues were quick to say that the author of “Ayo Africa” (2001) snatches them from the cradle. A crazy idea which surely comes from the singer’s conviction in 2005 (in France), to 10 years in prison for raping the niece of his then-spouse. The victim was 16 at the time of the crime. Whether jealous people agree or not, the fiancée will be married… in lyrics.

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