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Male infidelity is not punishable by the law ?

Male infidelity is not punishable by the law ?

The answer is:
Paru le dimanche, 18 décembre 2016 15:36

Men often argue that female adultery is punishable while male adultery is not acknowledged by the law.

Well, confirmed adulterous men must reconsider their position, because since the revision of the penal code in July 2016, adultery committed by men is just as much of a crime as that committed by women. Paragraph 2 of Article 361 indeed stipulates that the husband who had sexual intercourse with women other than his spouse or spouses is liable to a prison sentence of two to 6 months or a fine of FCfa 25,000 to FCfa 100,000.

Barrister Ngos, a lawyer recognised by the Cameroon Bar, informs that the former law rather punished “the man who was caught in the act of adultery several times, and in those cases, in the marital home”. Now, wherever may be the location of the offence, the cheated woman can start legal proceedings, specifies the law practitioner.

And if a polygamist believes he has the right to have other “offices”, the law highlights that during the judicial procedure initiated against him for adultery, “the proof of existence of a polygamous union is incumbent to the husband”. In other words, if he caught red-handed, the adulterous polygamist must prove that he and his new companion are married, otherwise he is liable to a sentence. However, to put an end to this debate, the law indicates that “the complicity or pardon of the offended spouse prevents or stops an legal proceedings”. A rose and/or a daisy will do...


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