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Is the medicine Amodiaquine banned in Cameroon?

Is the medicine Amodiaquine banned in Cameroon?

The answer is:
Paru le jeudi, 19 janvier 2017 13:35

It is said that Cameroonian doctors are banned from prescribing this anti-malarial medicine. Is there any truth to this?

A list of medicines banned from sale and consumption is currently being shared on social networks. The pill Amodiaquine is part of this list, leaving some sceptical.

Indeed, it is formally proscribed to hold, distribute and issue Amodiaquine in Cameroon, just like with several other anti-malarial medicines. This is the result of a decision dating back to 8 May 2006 and taken by the then-Minister of Public Health, Urbain Olanguena Awono (currently incarcerated for misappropriation of public funds, Ed.).

“Amodiaquine does not heal malaria at all”, repeats Dr Louis joss Bitang, Director of the Yaoundé Emergency Centre. He regrets above all that the trade of street medicine is thriving, at the risk of continuing the sale of products which have however been banned.

At the major intersections such as Ndokotti in Douala, they are many there indeed who assume the role of doctors behind a box of pills exposed to the sun.


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