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The movie Legend of Tarzan was filmed in Cameroon

The movie Legend of Tarzan was filmed in Cameroon

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It is said that the famous film owes its numerous awards to the breathtaking site of the Ekom-Nkam waterfalls in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

Hugh Hudson needed a wild setting to direct “Greystoke, the Legend of Tarzan”, which was released in 1984. He needed a dense forest, dizzying waterfalls, and the thunderous sound of water hitting rocks. This setting, he found it deep inside Central Africa, in Cameroon, in the lair of the Ekom-Nkam waterfalls.

It was in this untamed landscape of the Moungo district that Tarzan grew up, after the death of his parents: Jack Clayton and his spouse, respectively Count and Countess of Greystoke.

Throughout the scenes, the cinema lover gets familiar with Christophe Lambert’s character who swings from branch to branch, immersed in a tropical atmosphere. It has been 32 years since Tarzan’s adventure started on the shores of Ekom-Nkam (which means mighty river in the local dialect, Mbo’o) and Patrick Ndzanga can recall it as if it happened yesterday.

This man of around sixty years was still a neophyte in the cinema world, when Christophe Lambert and his countrymen arrived at Ekom-Nkam to shoot “Geystoke, the Legend of Tarzan”.

During 3 weeks, he assisted the team in shoot of the Tarzan movie in 1982. It is with great joy that he presents the Ekom-Nkam waterfalls to visitors. They are 80m high.

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Two years ago, when the author of these lines met him, Patrick recounted with evident pleasure that he was the first to welcome the team shooting Tarzan. “Before the actual shooting, they spent a month scouting the location to assess the site. During their stay here, they slept in a hotel in Bafang, in the Western region. There was a cameraman at the top of the waterfall”, the old man then explained.

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