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The minimum retirement age is 55 years for civil workers?

The minimum retirement age is 55 years for civil workers?

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It is said that civil servants stop working when they reach 55 years. True?

During heated debates in bars and other watering holes in Cameroon, it is often mentioned that the minimum retirement age for a Cameroonian civil servant is 55 years.
The limit to qualify for retirement in the civil servant is at least 50 years; particularly for those in the lower C and D categories. Cadres in the A and B categories, can wait to reach 55 years to apply for retirement. Measures specified in Article 124 of the Civil Service statutes enacted by Paul Biya. However, many request for a prorogation to remain in service.
The above-mentioned Article 124 specifies that depending on the nature or particularity of some functions, the President can waiver these provisions. For example, Charles Ndongo, the new Managing Director of the national television twice benefitted from this presidential derogation. The fear of life after retirement often motivates official or unofficial derogation. Let us take good note that the retired person must now contend with a reduced pension corresponding to a third of the initial salary and not having any social security.

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