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It is said that in Cameroon, you answer a question with another question

It is said that in Cameroon, you answer a question with another question

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It is widely known that the general Cameroonian passes for a master in this practice. True?

In Cameroon, it is indeed quite possible to have a whole conversation with questions only. And both speakers perfectly understand each other between using classic questions and rhetorical questions derived from everyday French. And if you doubt it, here is a special selection of famous questions used in conversations made in Cameroon. Rest assured that it is far from being a dialogue of the death.

Question: My brother, it seems in Cameroon, people answer a question with another question?

Answer: Who said that?

Q: So it is true then?

A: So you don’t know? You want to eat your pepper in my mouth?

Q : Dude, let’s forget about it. What about a beer?

A:  Do I look like a factory? (meaning: What a great idea!)

Q: At least you won’t refuse that, my brother?

A: Is it milk? Am I crazy? (in other words:  I would be an idiot to refuse)

Q :  We could go to Olympia Snack Bar?

A: Are you fishing for answers? (meaning, of course)

Q : But dude, you are paying for the taxi, right?!

A : Yes, or? (another way of saying yes)

Q : But my friend, you are going to buy a car right? Or you want to die in taxis?

A: How we go do? (to express powerlessness in a situation)

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