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In Cameroon, sellers shun yellow coins

In Cameroon, sellers shun yellow coins

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When paying them with yellow coins, they often show reluctance to take your money...

Sometimes, while running your errands at the market or any close shop, some sellers might be particularly aggressive, going as far as insulting you in some cases, if you pay them with yellow coins.

The same stands when it is taxi fare that you are paying. “Once, I boarded a taxi which took me over quite a long distance. Having only yellow coins to pay my fare, when we arrived at my destination, I gave him the money. Frustrated, the driver called me a groundnut seller”, relates Christelle Fapo who works at a private company in Yaoundé. “Annoyed, but unable to respond to the verbal aggression, I just got out of his vehicle. What mattered was that he took the money”, she added.

This is recurrent in many of the big cities of the country, where coins of FCFA25 are shunned, and those of 1, 5 and 10 cfa francs are just rejected. Traders and other service providers, such as drivers of public transport vehicles or owners of informal call boxes, explain the act saying “it is not about money”. A worrisome explanation for the banks issuing these coins.

Strangely while so reluctant to take these coins themselves, the sellers easily hand it out to their customers…

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