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No, Daphne won't be on stage for the end year Orange show

No, Daphne won't be on stage for the end year Orange show

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Paru le vendredi, 20 décembre 2019 12:24

She will not be on stage

Daphne will not be taking part in the third edition of “The Show by Orange” organized by the mobile phone operator this year with two concerts on 21 and 22 December in Douala and Yaoundé respectively. This information leaves fans of the young artist skeptical, especially since her image is visible on media announcing this event with the logo of Orange Cameroon.

An advertisement announcing this event is used as a cover video on the official Facebook page of Orange Cameroon. Daphne can be clearly seen on this page alongside other artists such as Charlotte Dipanda, Locko and Mink's. But it remains that she will not be on stage for the concerts. But why that? Well, the singer of “Calée” had declined the offer made by Orange because “she already has a quite busy schedule,” we learned. In a video shared on social media, the singer and her production company, Stevens Music Entertainment, state that they are “in no way involved in the organization” of these concerts. Orange Cameroon was already asked to remove the posters in questions.


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