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It seems a statue of Cameroonian nationalist Ruben Um Nyobe will soon be erected in Douala

It seems a statue of Cameroonian nationalist Ruben Um Nyobe will soon be erected in Douala

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It is said this monument will be erected in Koumassi, at the place called NJO NJO to be precise.

This has been disclosed in a call for tenders of the Douala Urban Community issued on July 10, 2017 by the Emergency Government Delegate in order to prepare the space where will be built Um Nyobe’s stele.

The idea of designing and making a statue representing Ruben Um Nyobe comes from Amish Arts, an organization headed by André Blaise Essama, who is well known for opposing monuments representing foreigners across the country.

Regarding the upcoming stone model, about three years ago (August 11, 2014), Amish Arts wrote to the Minister of Culture and the delegate of the Douala urban community requesting a site for the statue. Now, the project is about to be finalized as the Douala Urban community launched a 90-day emergency call to tenders to develop the site which will receive the Um Nyobe monument. It will be located in Koumassi, at Njo Njo to be precise.

The project is expected to be completed, by the Douala Urban community, within five months.

Made of bronze and brass by Noun craftsmen, the statue which boasts of a height of 2m10 and a weight of 170kg represents the nationalist wearing a black cloth tied around his waist. In his hands, he holds a spear on the left, and on right a branch of the peace tree. These items are often associated with cultural diversity and a will to maintain peace in Cameroon.

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