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Yes, Lady Ponce got married yesterday November 21

Yes, Lady Ponce got married yesterday November 21

Paru le jeudi, 22 novembre 2018 18:29

It’s said that the singer discreetly got married in France. True?

Singer Lady Ponce (Adèle Rufine Ngono) just celebrated her wedding this Wednesday November 21, 2018 in France. The couple wanted a most intimate and almost secret ceremony. After the announcement of the happy event on her Facebook account, her press agent (in Cameroon) deleted the post immediately afterward, leaving many fans without concrete news. However, several credible sources confirm that the singer indeed got married to a business man and cultural promoter named Youmbi Tsafack Aloys AKA "Dieu Cyclone". We learn that guests were not allowed to use mobile phones to preserve confidentiality. This explains the absence of “paparazzi” images.


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