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Ngando Picket naturalised Gabonese

Ngando Picket naturalised Gabonese

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Theories are going around stating that Ngando Picket became a Gabonese citizen to the point of rooting for the Gabonese football team.

Web users have been sending around a photograph since this weekend; which shows the famous mascot of the football team Indomitable Lions in the colours of the Gabonese flag.

In truth, this image dates back to January 2012, during the African Cup of Nations (AfCON) hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon did not secure a qualification for this competition. Therefore, the well-known Ngando Picket was at a loose end; especially as he had never before missed an  occurrence of the AfCON.

To shake things up and more importantly not lose an opportunity to drum up a little business, the Lions mascot went to Gabon, close to Kye Ossi, in Cameroon. But Ngando Picket remains Cameroonian through and through. He lives here (in Douala) and was even sporting the green-red-yellow colours this past Saturday during the Cameroon-Egypt match, for the opening of the women's AfCON which will end on 3 December. And by the way, Gabon is not taking part in this female football competition.

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