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Yes, a Sources du pays employee died during an attack in Southwest Cameroon

Yes, a Sources du pays employee died during an attack in Southwest Cameroon

Paru le lundi, 23 décembre 2019 15:23

Takang Marie Claire, and some of her colleagues were in the company’s personnel transportation vehicle, at Ekona in the Southwest, when unidentified individuals attacked.

Images are currently circulating on social media about an alleged armed attack on a truck belonging to Sources du pays, producer of the Supermont mineral water, in the Southwest. The images show bullet impacts on the vehicle. Some have even stated that the company lost an employee during the attack. It's true.

Indeed, to dispel the rumors, Source du pays issued a statement indicating that, on December 19, 2019, at Ekona (in the Muyuka district of Fako department), unidentified individuals attacked its personnel transportation vehicle causing bodily injuries and material damage. In addition, Takang Marie Claire, an employee was killed.

Faced with such an atrocity, the management of Sources du pays, in mourning, joins all its staff in expressing its sincere condolences to the families so badly affected by the loss of their child and loved one,” the management wrote. Nevertheless, the company says it will continue to operate despite the adversity.

Ekona is located in the English-speaking area of Cameroon, which has been experiencing a security crisis since October 2016. Separatists instated a climate of terror in that region which they claim would not stop until the central government, in Yaoundé, grants them what they call “restoration” or independence.

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