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A pack of Brazilian hair extensions can retail for close to FCfa one million

A pack of Brazilian hair extensions can retail for close to FCfa one million

Paru le vendredi, 24 mars 2017 15:33

It is said that crazy prices are used in Cameroon to sell these hair pieces from abroad. True?

We knew that some women were ready to do anything to be beautiful. They can indeed pay close to FCfa one million to have several packs of Brazilian hair and be styled with long hair in the Western fashion.

To get to the bottom of this, we got in touch with the famous TV host Soflane Kengne, muse of the hair extension brand Mira Luxury Hair in Cameroon. Soflane explains that in the past, Brazilian hair extensions used to cost up to FCfa one million. But now, the maximum prices have been slightly lowered.

We learned from her that for “long, dense and lush human hair, one must spend about FCfa 600,000”. We can imagine that the most avid women would certainly add another FCfa 400,000 worth of extensions for their hairstyle to be even more lush and longer; all the way down to their backside or even lower.




That being said, there are also Brazilian and Indian hair for less well-endowed purses. But do not be mistaken into thinking that we are talking about FCfa 10,000. For good quality, one must at least set aside FCfa 35,000; for a tiny pack of extensions.

And thugs have caught on to this boon… it is said that they do not hesitate in cutting them short during attacks to resell them. And often, these extensions are taken recently deceased Indian women. But that is another aspect of the issue…

Monique Ngo Mayag


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