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Is Yannick Noah's father really dead ?

Is Yannick Noah's father really dead ?

The answer is:
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An early morning tweet from the national television CRTV announced it. It is really true?

The rumour was started by an early morning tweet on the official Twitter of the national television channel CRTV. Which went as follows: “having been ill for some time, former football player Zacharie Noah passed away this morning in Yaoundé”. Comments have been flying on the father of the famous former tennis player Yannick Noah. The tweet from CRTV was shared dozens of times on social networks to the point of annoying the Noah family. Acting as a spokesperson for the family, sports journalist Boney Philippe worked hard at denying the news.

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Immediately afterwards, he individually informed some journalists that Yannick Noah is at his father Zacharie Noah’s bedside, who is indeed seriously ill, but still very much alive. “His son is giving him wheelchair rides om the lawn of their Yaoundé residence”, we learned from Boney Philippe.

The latter informed that because of the rumour which had “killed off” Zacharie Noah, his family refuses to grant any request for explanation from the press. Im the end, the Cameroonian ex-footballer of 79 years has not (yet) kicked the bucket. We can imagine that his son, the author of the hit song “Simon papa Tara”, will do everything possible to prevent being twice an orphan in a short period. He lost his mother Marie-Claire in 2012.


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