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No, there are no Coronavirus cases in Bangangté and Douala

No, there are no Coronavirus cases in Bangangté and Douala

Paru le mardi, 25 février 2020 16:30

According to the rumors, cases of the deadly infection have been detected in those two towns. Really?

After the debunked rumours of Coronavirus cases in Yaoundé, there are now claims of cases in Bangangté (Western region) and Douala (Littoral). These claims are false.  

"Following the rumours of 2 cases of Coronavirus in Bangangté and Douala that have been circulating since this morning, a rapid investigation team immediately went down to these 2 cities. I reassure people that no case of Coronavirus has been detected by Cameroon to date,” the Minister of Public Health indicates.

He reminds that as far as the rumours about the cases in Yaoundé are concerned, the two persons allegedly infected were transported safely to the isolation wards of the central hospital in Yaoundé. Samples were taken and analyses carried out at the hospital. Fortunately, the results were negative for COVID-19, he adds.

Basically, there is no coronavirus in Cameroon, he stresses. The French embassy in Cameroon adds that "to date, there are no confirmed cases in Cameroon.”


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