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No the #124*4*3*1*5# sequence won’t give you free internet bundle

No the #124*4*3*1*5# sequence won’t give you free internet bundle

Paru le lundi, 25 mars 2019 12:49

Rumors suggest the #124*4*3*1*5# sequence gives free internet access. True?

There seems to be a trick for free access to internet via a mobile phone. You just need to type this sequence #124*4*3*1*5# and bingo you have it! You believe it? C’mon it’s of course a scam.

This is a scam. Don’t subscribe to anything that seems free (in this context). People abuse the naivety of others and rob them. And many Cameroonians are fond of what’s for free and they got trapped,” sources at MTN Cameroon said. Same is said at Orange Cameroon.

To activate an internet bundle, the code is *157# for Mtn, #145# for Orange and *865# for Nexttel, any other sequence is fake. Despite alert messages by operators and the telecom regulatory agency, people still got trapped in such scams. It’s true that the scammers do send messages as if they originate from mobile operators but there are signs to identify whether it’s a real or fake message. Here are some tricks: when the message requires you to send money or call credit to someone, or when it says you have won any sort of advantage, bonus or trip… well, it might be fake.


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